Bluemunk is a full-service agency, building beautiful digital products experiences.

We’re an independent creative agency in the Gujarat who connect brands with their audiences using design, technology and insight.

We design and simplify digital products

with a user-centric and data-driven approach

About US

We are a rapidly growing group of open-minded people, sometimes a little crazy, perfectionists, who love white space and observe every detail. We are designers, developers, product managers but above all people who love what they do and always give their best.

We work side by side with customers who trust us. This together with a user-centric and data-driven approach allows us to create consistent experiences across all media and create exceptional products.

We are expert in

Product Design

Whether it’s an online platform, a mobile app, or a project that leverages augmented reality or artificial intelligence, we’ll help you create your product at all stages.

User Experience / User Interface

Do you have a product that is based on a fantastic idea but does not make what you expected? Let’s find out together the reasons and data in hand, we try to improve the experience of your users.


A digital shop, open 24/7 and 365 days a year. We help you create a fantastic experience for your customers and make it consistent with that of physical stores.


“The habit does not make the monk”, but is it really like that? We think that the first impression is really important and that we must always present ourselves in the best possible way.

Our process

Research and Strategy

We have experience in our field but not yours, your collaboration is fundamental, we must meet your world, the one you know well. We analyze it and define what you need to get to your goal.


We believe that simplicity is the key to everything. We do not like redundant information and reduce visual noise to minimum. We believe that white space between the elements creates the design as the pauses between the notes create a melody.


This is not the right place to be too technical, you just need to know that we develop with the same care with which we design. Everything looks beautiful and works great, and that’s what matters.

Our Clients

Motivated by more than money?
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