Today every business whether it is small or a large enterprise has their business website to represent the online presence of their business.

But the main thing that makes your website more attractive is website layout or website designing. We have seen thousands of the website daily in this online world. But apart from this website very few websites have attracted the user most and the reason behind it great designing.

Here, I’m going to share with you the most common mistakes we do while choosing a layout for the next website.

1. Responsive Site Structure:

Today is the era of smartphone & nowadays people using their mobile phone or tablet devices to find whatever things they want t search from the internet. And it is the point where most of the people do mistake.   your site looks good in laptop & in pc but if your site is not perfectly look in mobile devices then you might lose a potential customer. 

Not having a mobile-friendly website is the most common mistakes and you need to solve this problem ASAP. 

2. Website Loading Time:

It is another important factor that you need to keep in mind. The ideal website should load less than 3 seconds. If you are thinking that people are waiting for the site to load then that’s not right. 

People don’t like waiting and they expect that your website loads fast. And nowadays people are using mobile devices so that your site needs to load fast as early as possible.

3. Site Font size is too small or not reader-friendly:

Have you ever found yourself squinting to read text from the website? And it is not ideal, and it is the most common factor in the website today. And with increasing mobile devices user prefers to surf site on their smartphone so that if your site text is difficult to read out than it’s time to change the text.

4. Missing HTTPS (Secure):

Security is the most important factor in this online world. And not having a secure website is waving a red flag for both the search engine and your website visitors. If you are running eCommerce site then it is the main thing you need to consider first. Because in such site you need to ask the user for their personal information such as first & last name, email, phone no, etc. And if your site is not secured then a user might not come to your site again.

If Google or any other search engines push your site down in the search result then you ruin your online visibility. 

Final words,

In the end, avoid these common mistakes that small business makes. You can do by this your own or you can hire a pro for the website. When choosing a website designer partner then be sure with someone’s proven track record. Look out their success and case studies before hiring.

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Thanks & have a great day!