The one-stop solution for all your logistic  transportation needs.




Android apps and Admin panel for client and driver/transporter, Logo and overall branding for new startup.

HeraFeri is new startup in Gujarat(India). who delivers fast experience for any type of logistic transportation. (This project is on-going.)

BLUEMONK was invited to help design a standout branding  to showcase Dhaval’s passion to solve the problem with local transportation system.


Working with BLUEMONK has been an entirely positive experience. They have offered tremendous clarity in their design proposals as well as flexibility for design & Development changes in their dealings with my vision. I highly recommend any new startup to take up your startup requirements with them.

– Dhaval B.

In the field of transportation, developing a great seamless experience that communicates between user and driver and also the philosophy that sets it apart from the status quo is a challenge. Our goal is to balance user experience for booking and delivering the transportation as easy as it possible that captures the imagination of visitors and inspires them to use online system. Also new approach to handle the data to maintain everything from location to payement for admins.




To HeraFeri, Transporation is part booking and part delivering. It is about the skill and precision to prescribe the best care its users deserve. It is how its name came to be and it also inspired us to play with the logo design of its vision. which was developed into a clean and visual brandmark.

User First

We came up with very low fedility design wchich will deliver the desiered result for both the ends and how to manage it using one admin panel it was a challenge to design a system from scratch and with the client help we came up with two different approach to achieve the result. It was a great feeling to create the entire process from scratch to achive entire offline process to online.


For new users convert entire process from offline to online experience we came up with easy to understand design. one of the cornerstone of the process, a easy to book using map and all the possibilities which first time user will address. same for transporation/driver who can easily access the location and conact to deliver logistic as fast as possible. Admin who can manage all the data from both the side using one single click it was win-win-win situation.