UMJCA (united mashadi jewish community of america)

With UMJCA, visiting the app should be a walk in the community: a safe and comfortable experience.




iOS Application, Android Application, Webadmin panel for user data management and events.

The United Mashadi Jewish Community of America (UMJCA), comprised of 15 elected members of the community, is responsible to serve the religious, charitable, educational, cultural, welfare, social and security needs of the members of the Mashadi Jewish Community residing in the United States, to establish, support and maintain appropriate religious and educational institutions and to promote our unity.

This philosophy of unity helps inspire the holistic strategy we took when commissioned to build an app for the community, with everything from native apps to creating dashboard to manage all user data. We build system strong to protect user data privacy and security that puts the user at ease and deliver on the brand promises.


What I love about BLUEMONK is that they are a professional company that goes through a consultation with proper framework throughout the development process, offering sound advice when needed with great attention to every detail.

– Doron D.

We started off the project by research, the brand together with the founder of UMJCA and identified early on that a big part of it is in changing the perception of people towards digital method of communication  from one that is intimidating to one that is friendly and fuss-free.

A flow was created to help crystallize this vision for the development and where it wants to position itself in the minds of its users. This then serves as a guide for every aspect of the app and admin developement.