We live in the era of smart devices and so that people become also smart. Now user can find anything with using a different search engine like Google, Bing, and much more with their smartphone. Gone are the days where a user enters a query in search bar to find the thing they want to search.

Now it’s time to move to the future of SEO and it’s called voice search. Research says that by 2020 half of the search queries perform through the voice search.

So for every SEO if they want to hire on different search engine then they want to update with current trends in SEO. Google Voice will become the most popular search engine for the user.

Here you can find what is the future of SEO by 2020. Let’s get started…

1.      Understand your audience and their intent:

What does your audience prefer? Text? Image? Or Voice?

By 2020 knowing your audience will become a more crucial factor in SEO. You need to focus on what your audience prefers to search and will your audience get the result per the same or not?

Even if your website is well-optimized but if it’s for a wrong audience then it will not grow your business. So you need to focus on your audience in the upcoming future. Because in the upcoming future the high ranking website is all about the audience.

2.      Be Ready with Voice Search:

Today the world is becoming the mobile world. And user prefers to use voice query to search for different things instead of typing query on the search engine. So you need to focus on voice search and keep your website ready with voice search.

So that if the user fires specific query on search engine then your site needs to give accurate result to the user query. And if your business is global then you need to keep your site ready with multi-language so that you not lose any potential customers.

One thing you keep in mind that voice search is a game changer for the SEO by 2020 and beyond.

3.      Content, Content & Content:

As we all know that content is a king in SEO and the most important factor to rank any site. Google is looking for the best answer to the user’s query. You have to keep content on your site that will serve best to your audience. So that you will have to focus on your audience & keep content in a friendly manner.

4.      Local SEO:

Even if your business is global but you have to keep your site ready to rank in local searches. Because local searches are highly accurate for any business. So you have to keep in mind that your business needs to stay on the top SERPs position in local.

Final Words:

At last to give get more traffic towards your site then update your site with above-mentioned factors. Many more factors affecting ranking by 2020 and beyond. But one thing you need to do is to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in SEO.

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Thanks & have a great day.