Mostly the designing of the complex application is the challenging undertaking. With the upcoming trends in web designs, we have witnessed millions of apps and websites receiving the makeover to make the customers more comfortable with the apps and websites. The design of

your app and website is the first thing the customers are attracted to. With the boring or confusing one can lead to the loss of many customers. So before you start your new startup

with a new project of apps and website, there are many mistakes you should be aware of and

avoid it while the mobile app development process.

Mostly when dealing with the app and website UX and UI designs, people often focus on the elements which can ensure that the application function properly. Now this focus, many times

they omit the small factors which can destroy the project.

So below are the few of the mistakes that you can avoid before starting with the mobile app development procedures.

Design Mistakes to Avoid…

1. Don’t Forget to Have a Responsive Design

In today’s era, it’s probably the situation where are more than 40 percent of the people use their smartphones to work or to shop or to do any of the basic but important tasks.

The apps have played a very critical and crucial role in the market of the smartphone.

Mostly, these days the app designs have been created in the most responsive way.

This can be the major problem if you don’t focus. Google introduced a search update that penalises the non-responsive sites in mobile search.

2. Messy Content Layout

The content also plays a vital role to attract and drive the customers to it. The structure is an important part. Either it makes the app successful or turns it into disastrous failure.

Talking about the websites and the apps, users don’t read the content. They just scan it for once and if they feel that they are not getting the relevant information then they are

likely to jump towards your competitor’s information.

The best tips for the non-messy content can be:

– Don’t add unnecessary content which can clutter the page or app.

– White spaces are important between your text and images.

Always be updated and be consistent. The updating and consistency purpose is to add new features, walk in the trends and to correct the past mistakes. This is also possible to

avoid future bugs too.

3. About the Actual Design Elements

Never ever forget about the actual design elements. Have the consistency in the design elements all through the applications.

Reconsider the design before developing the mobile app according to the platform (Android/ iOS). Also make sure of the format of the photos, videos, and banners which can support the content and balance the layout.

4. Loading Time Count is Important

Having an elegant JavaScript is good but it’s not good if it affects the performance.

The great rule of the web design is “LESS IS MORE”. The design is called bad when a the page is cluttered with half a dozen of images with a different icon and lack of content


The aim of the good design should be to provide guidance, focus, and a content


5. Screen Resolutions Being Friendly

It’s for sure that you have come across the apps where there is a horizontal scroll. But according to the modern designs, its a big no to it. Being an expert in the app development field you should be concern about the screen sizes.

I agree that it’s not easy to develop a one fit for all screen size. But you can get them a rough idea about the commonly used screen resolutions.

6. Call to Actions

After attracting the customers to the apps or the web pages, you must drive them to the useful and required content which helps them to solve their problems.

It’s never the necessity to always have a creative word in the call to action button. Try to use the words which are familiar to the users and customers. Like:

1. Contact Us

2. Add to Cart

3. Shop Now

4. Sign Up and many more.


So, these are some of my opinions that the web and app designer must be careful of. Always be so careful about the big roadblocks, sometimes the small elements also

creates huge problems.

The app designs are the advantages to attract and bring more customers and users at your place. So grab the advantages and make sure you don’t violent any of the user experience rules. Make your users feel special by having a comfortable user experience.